Why You Should Consider A Roll-Up Door On The Back Of Your Garage

When a garage has two doors, it commonly has a conventional roll-up door at the front, and a single, hinged door at the side or the rear. If you're building a garage, you'll want to think about the ideal door configuration. While the above configuration will work for most garage owners, another option is to install a roll-up door on the back of the structure, meaning that you'll have roll-up doors at each end. Of course, the back of the garage will need to be free standing, rather than attached to your home. Here are some reasons to consider a roll-up garage door on the back of the garage:

Moving Vehicles In And Out

You may be surprised at how much you'd use a second roll-up garage door for moving vehicles in and out of the garage. This is especially true if you live in a rural area and/or are planning a large garage that can accommodate multiple vehicles. For example, many people who store lawn tractors in their garage need to move their personal vehicle out before they can drive the tractor out to cut the grass. With a second roll-up door, you can drive the tractor out the rear door without having to move your vehicle.

Encouraging Good Air Flow

Your garage isn't just a place to store vehicles. It's also often a place for a variety of tasks, including those that require proper ventilation. For example, you might use the garage for painting or staining wood for a renovation. If so, it's important for the garage to be properly ventilated — both for the quality of air that you're breathing, and to help the wood dry quickly. When you're able to roll up a large door at each of the structure, you'll get a desired level of air flow.

Providing A Good Winter Barbecue Spot

If your area gets cold in the winter months, you may move your barbecue off your porch or deck and into the garage. Provided that you keep the door open, barbecuing in the garage can be a good way to enjoy the taste of grilled food even when it's cold outside. Sometimes, however, you might not want to barbecue at the front of the garage with the door open — perhaps because you feel conspicuous to people as they drive past, or because a chatty neighbor always approaches you. Being able to position the barbecue at the back of the garage and roll up the door will give you an optimal spot.

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