What's Missing? Garage Door Opener Parts That Are Lacking And How To Replace Them

There are these puzzles out there that kids and adults like to play. They are visual puzzles, testing the eyes and the brain to look for what is different or missing between two photos that, at first glance, appear to be duplicates. These puzzles teach you a daily living skill; how to find what is wrong or missing within the field of your vision and in your environment. 

Taking that into consideration, you might be looking at your garage door opener right about now. Maybe you tried to install it yourself, or maybe you took it apart to fix it and then tried to put it back together, but something is missing. Can you spot what is wrong or missing? While it may be less fun and more frustrating, it is important to discover what part or parts are missing and why the garage door opener no longer works. Here are a few helpful hints. 

The Remote Is Gone

Most garage door openers have a remote. It should be included in the box with all of the other opener parts, and you should be able to find it easily when you unpack the opener from the box for the first time. Barring that your children picked it up and ran off with it, the remote to control the opener from the comfort of your car should be present. If it is not, there should be a company contact number on the box or on the instruction sheet that you can call to request a replacement remote control. The company will either send you a new remote, or they will instruct you to return the opener to the store where you got it, either to get a remote out of another box or to replace the opener you purchased with an unopened box. (This is why it is so important to unpack the box first and verify that you have everything you should.)

The Chain or Cable to Lift the Door Is Broken

After some time, you may either have the garage door chain or cable break. It is common for this part to experience wear and tear and eventually wear out because the chain/cable is constantly pulling, lifting, and lowering the door and working its way around inside the opener to do so. Thankfully, there are garage door opener replacement services that can check your opener and order the correct part for you. 

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