Garage Door Accessories To Give Your Old Garage Door A New Personality

Your older garage door may seem to function just fine, but the design and style of the thing could still leave something to be desired. If you have an outdated garage door that could use a facelift, you may not have to go out and spend a lot of money.

There are a number of garage door accessories that can give the face of an older garage door a totally new look and personality, and installing these accessories is an easy feat for most. Check out a few of the best garage door accessories you can use to make your existing door look like it has been replaced with something new and much more stylish for your home. 

Faux Hinges

Faux hinges can be attached on the side of the garage door to make it look like the doors open in a new way. You can have an overhead door as you have always had, but the hinges at the sides will make it look like the doors are carriage-style, which is actually a trending design these days. Best of all, you can get these faux hinges in a range of different shapes and styles to coincide with whatever design you wish to achieve. 

Iron Studs

Iron studs are small, metal studs that can be hammered into a wooden garage door at pertinent places to add just an added touch of flair. These studs, when in place, look like hammered iron pins, so they can look good near the other hardware on the door. 

Door Knockers

You can also go for a more rustic look for your garage door, by adding an Old World styled knocker. These knockers are much like what you would find on an entry door, but they tend to be larger and more noticeable for style value. You can get an array of different knocker styles, and it can be fun to browse the selection in the garage door accessories section to see which style would suit your home the best. 

Decorative Handle

In addition to a knocker on your garage door, another accessory you may want to consider is a nice handle. Not all doors are outfitted with handles, but a handle can be just as functional as it is attractive. These handles can be placed in pairs with one on each side of the middle of the door. Or, you may just prefer one larger handle directly in the center of the door. Either way, this gives the door a finished look. 

For more information on garage door accessories, talk to a garage door company in your area like Raynor Door Company.

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