Finding The Right Garage Door To Compliment Your Home

Homes with attached garages need to have a garage door that matches the house's look and style. Finding the perfect door can be challenging, but there are many door styles available, and some manufacturers can make a custom garage door to match your home's exterior.

Garage Door Styles

A modern garage door can be very generic and plain, but there are options that you can choose that significantly change the look of the garage door you will use. If you visit a garage door dealer, you might be surprised at all the available options. For example, you may find garage doors that look like old wooden doors, some that appear to open horizontally like old shed doors, and doors that have a lot of intricate detail on them. These are all available in modern materials. Since the options are growing all the time, it's important to find that perfect door, which may be much easier than you first thought. 

A garage door company is a great place to start your search because they have more access to custom doors and designs than you will find in a home center or other retailer.

Garage Door Materials

The days of the old wood garage door are coming to an end. Those old doors were heavy and required a lot of maintenance to keep them looking good and operating correctly. There are, however, modern equivalents that look like those doors but are made from lightweight materials like aluminum and vinyl. For example, some vinyl doors are designed to look like wood and are so well done that you can't tell it isn't wood until you're up close to the door. From the street, the door will look authentic and can enhance the style and look of the home or retain a classic look.

Because the materials are so much more durable, newer doors generally do not need painting, and the color will not fade over time. You can operate the door with a standard garage door opener if you choose and maintenance on the mechanisms inside the door are no different than if you chose a basic vinyl garage door.

Custom Doors

In some situations, the door that was on the home was very specific, and for a home that is undergoing restoration or is considered a historic building, recreating that door might be essential. Working with a garage door manufacturer to create the look and feel of the classic door from modern material is a great option. Keep in mind that the cost of a completely custom garage door is likely to be significantly more expensive than a door you buy off the shelf. As such, contact a garage door service for more information. 

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