Common Garage Door Repair Services That You May Need

If your home has a garage, you'll likely need to schedule garage door repair services at some point. The right repair services can save homeowners like you from having to replace their garage doors and invest even more money. Contractors who specialize in repairing residential garage doors can fix a wide range of problems that affect the ways garage doors open and close. Here are some common garage door repair services that you may need to schedule eventually.

Resolve Issues Causing Strange Sounds

You might notice that your garage door is making strange noises when it opens and closes, and these sounds are usually caused by mechanical issues. Whether you hear squeaking, grinding, or rattling frequently when operating your garage door, you should have these strange sounds investigated to determine why they're occurring. Some of the problems causing these noises can be fixed easily, while others are more difficult to resolve. Regardless of the size or scope of the problem, experienced residential garage door repair contractors can usually stop the noises by addressing the specific cause. Strange noises from garage doors often occur because of:

  • Loose parts
  • Bent tracks
  • Stability issues
  • Insufficient lubrication
  • Broken or rusty springs
  • Old or damaged rollers
  • An excessively tight or loose door opener chain

Garage Door Opener Repairs

If you have a garage door that opens and closes by pushing a button instead of manually, your garage door opener may eventually begin to fail and need repair work. You may notice that your garage door only opens or closes part of the way or fails to move at all if your opener is failing. Whether the problem with your opener system is coming from the button that you push in your garage, the button that you push on your remote, or the signal receptor, garage door repair professionals can look at all components to investigate and fix the problem accurately.

Fix Damaged Pulleys and Cables

The pulleys and cables that allow spring-operated garage doors to open and close may wear down and begin to fray over time. If you have a spring-operated garage door, you should have your pulleys and cables inspected by professionals to determine if any problems that are unknown by you are occurring. Damaged pulleys or cables can make your garage door a dangerous contraption because of the tension that's required for these parts to work, and it's best to hire experienced garage door contractors to do the needed repair work.

Seal Noticeable Gaps

When your garage door is closed, you might see gaps along the bottom or edges that look as though your garage door isn't closing entirely. Quite often, these gaps are simply caused by weather stripping that should be replaced. The professionals who you hire can also apply filler material that's weatherproof to try to fill the gaps and ensure a tighter seal. The gaps may also result from a garage door imbalance, which will require additional work to resolve.

You'll be able to use your garage door more freely and enjoy the other perks that your garage door provides after all the needed repair work has been performed. Garage door repair contractors know how to identify the causes of all types of garage door problems and can take the burden of doing the repair work yourself off your shoulders. 

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