Garage Door Replacement: 5 Pointers To Help You Make The Right Choice

Replacing your garage door is one of the high-value makeovers you can do on your home. Indeed, garage door replacement is inevitable if the old one has outlived its usefulness. When installed, a new garage door adds elegance to your house curb appeal, enhances energy efficiency and boosts your home's security. Replacing these doors isn't something you do annually, so you might not know what to do.

There are architectural details and landscape, color and style considerations to think through once you decide to replace this important fitting. If you want to get the best value for your money, here are five factors that make garage door replacement a breeze.

1. Select the Right Style

Your weather-beaten garage door can leave your visitors with the wrong impression of your home. But a stylish door model can leave them awestruck. When you replace the door, always pick a style that complements the exterior of your home. You're looking to spice up your home's visual appeal, so consider whether your home has a classic, rustic or contemporary style.

2. Evaluate Door Material

The garage door material you choose has a significant effect. It's the material that determines the longevity, aesthetics and maintenance of the door in the long run. You need to weigh your options. Homeowners can choose between wood, steel, aluminum, and composite materials. Before you settle on a material, weigh up the pros and cons of each. Consult your garage door installation expert since they can use visualization tools that show you how different door materials could look on your home.

3. Evaluate Garage Door Safety 

If you live in hurricane-prone areas, your garage door replacement project needs to opt for a door that is wind-load effective. Given their size, these doors are more disposed to sustaining wind damage than other exterior home fittings. You must ensure that the new door comes with reinforced bracing, heavy-gauge tracking and additional hardware to boost the door's storm-readiness.

4. Check the Insulation Value

It is advisable to buy a new door with a high insulation value. It enables you to enjoy energy efficiency. If you're in a harsh climate region and you consider heating or cooling your garage, the insulation value of the incoming door is critical. If the door helps to minimize drafts and energy loss due to thermal transfer, your energy bills will decrease.

5. Consider Long-Term Maintenance

Garage doors must be serviced and maintained for efficient operation. When choosing your door material, know that some materials require constant care than others. For instance, wood requires periodic maintenance and polishing. Other materials, like steel, won't demand daily maintenance, but it doesn't mean you can ignore them completely. Before you purchase, you must know the basic maintenance needs of the preferred materials.

To learn more, contact a garage door replacement contractor.

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