Garage Door Repairs: Tips For A Jammed Garage Door

A jammed garage door can be quite frustrating, but it happens to almost every homeowner with a garage. The jam could be because of a simple hindrance like an object stuck in the tracks. It can also be a sign that your garage door is on the way to complete failure. You need to engage a garage door repair service to inspect and fix whatever is causing the jam. Here are some common problems a technician may identify and fix.

The Garage Door Has Come Off the Tracks 

The garage door moves up and down with the help of rollers moving along a track. These rollers can come off the track, for example, because of a hard knock on one side or an earthquake. The door will be very hard to move if the rollers are not moving. Inspect the sides of the door to verify if there are any rollers peeking out. Call garage door repair services to return the rollers to the tracks.

The Garage Door Springs Are Broken

Torsion springs move garage doors up and down, while extension springs move the door sideways. These springs wear out with time and break when they become too weak. You will note a gap in torsion springs when they are broken. You can see broken extension springs hanging down after breaking. You should never attempt DIY garage door repair because springs are under high tension. Call the garage door repair service to fix this problem.

The Cables are Broken

Garage door cables help move the door up and down, using a complicated system of pulleys to lift the weight of the door. These cables weaken and snap from prolonged use. Sometimes, a cable will snap some fibers instead of the entire cable and weaken the pulling power of the cable. Engage a garage door repair service to replace the cables.

The Rollers are Faulty

Rollers smoothen the movement of garage doors. The rollers wear out after several years. They can also crack or chip. Sometimes, a roller will detach. Garage door rollers come in a set, so you have to replace the entire set when a few are faulty. Call the garage door repair service to make the replacement.

A jammed garage door can be very disruptive on a busy day. Call garage door repair services whenever you have any of these problems. They have the resources and skills to repair your jammed garage door. 

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