Deciding Between Chain-Driven And Belt-Driven Garage Door Openers

If you are planning to install or replace a garage door opener, you typically have four different types of openers you can choose from. The openers include:

  • Belt-driven openers
  • Chain-driven openers
  • Jackshaft-driven openers
  • Screw-driven openers

However, most homeowners go for belt-driven and chain-driven garage door openers because screw drive and jackshaft openers are more expensive. Thus, if you are operating on a tight budget, a belt-driven opener or a chain-driven opener is highly advisable due to their prices.

Nonetheless, before you decide on either, it is advisable to compare and contrast the benefits of each before making your choice. With that said, here are four comparison points to help you choose between a belt-driven opener and a chain-driven opener.


Though chain-driven and belt-driven garage door openers are cheaper than screw-driven and jackshaft openers, they differ in pricing. Chain-driven garage door openers are typically more affordable than belt-driven garage door openers. Thus, if you are looking for a cheap garage door opener, a chain-driven opener is your best option.

It is also essential to note that chain-driven garage door openers last significantly longer than belt-driven openers. Thus, besides being the most pocket-friendly option, a chain-driven garage door opener also has a longer life span than a belt-driven opener.

Maintenance Costs

When deciding between a chain-driven and a belt-driven garage door opener, it is also advisable to consider the maintenance costs of each option.

A belt-driven garage door opener typically requires less maintenance than a chain-driven garage door opener. In most cases, the maintenance services required for a belt-driven opener include dusting off any dirt or debris on the belt and tightening the belt when it starts losing tension. 

On the other hand, chain-driven openers require regular lubrication to prevent the chain from rusting or getting stuck in the tray. Additionally, you must hire a garage door contractor to tighten the chain when it starts losing tension. 

Therefore, a chain-driven opener has higher maintenance costs because you have to incur the costs of regularly buying lubrication and hiring a contractor to tighten the chain. In contrast, in the case of a belt-driven garage door opener, there are no significant costs involved unless you need to replace the belt.

Noise Factor

A chain-driven opener produces the loudest noise when opening or closing the garage door. The loud noise is a result of the metal chain rattling and clanging in the trolley. 

On the other hand, belt-driven garage door openers make the least amount of noise when lifting or closing the garage door. In most cases, the noise produced by a belt-driven garage door opener will not be a nuisance to you or your neighbors. Belt-driven openers are quieter because the rubber belt doesn't bang or rattle in the trolley when you open or close the garage door. Instead, the rubber belt runs quietly and smoothly without making a ruckus.

Thus, if you don't want to wake your neighbors every morning when you open your garage door, it would be best to opt for a belt-driven garage door opener. If you still opt for a chain-driven opener, make sure it is well lubricated to help reduce the amount of noise it produces. 


The size and weight of your garage door also determine the kind of garage door opener you can get. If you have a large and heavy garage door, you need a garage door opener with a high lift capacity. If you opt for a garage door opener with a low lift capacity, it will either fail to open the garage door or malfunction due to the stress of lifting the heavy garage door. 

With that said, a metal chain has a higher load capacity than a rubber belt. Therefore, chain-driven garage door openers are considered more robust and durable than belt-driven garage door openers. As a result, chain-driven garage door openers are designed to handle heavy and light garage doors because they have a higher weight capacity than belt-driven openers. 

On the other hand, belt-driven garage door openers are only suitable for lightweight garage doors due to their limited weight capacity. 

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