4 Instances You Should Call Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

Roll-up garage doors are common in most commercial buildings. Business owners prefer these garage doors because of their convenience. Besides, these doors have exclusive security features, are lightweight, and need low maintenance. However, although these doors can serve you for decades, they can also develop problems. That will mean you either repair or replace them, depending on their age. Here are some instances when you need professional garage door repair services. 

1. When It Produces Some Loud Noise When Rolling Up

Loud noise is a sign that you need to pay attention to your door before it stops functioning. If your door produces some squeaking noise when you open it, a simple solution such as lubricating or using lithium grease on the moving parts could solve the problem. But lubrication is not helpful for worn-out moving parts. For this reason, it is best to call an expert to tell you whether you need to lubricate or replace some door components.

2. When Your Garage Door Is Energy-Inefficient

If you have the older garage door openers, you spend a lot of energy each time you roll your door. Keep in mind a busy entrance means the garage door will have to move up and down several times a day.  For that reason replacing your openers could enhance operations and reduce energy consumption. But it might be hard to know what your garage door needs if you are not an expert in repairing them. Therefore, call a garage door repair expert to assess the door and tell you precisely what you should do.

3. When You Notice Visible Rust

Your garage door is at risk of corrosion and rust when exposed to leaks or stands in a high humidity space. With time, a corroded garage door may malfunction and become a security threat. If you experience this issue, call an emergency repair expert as soon as possible. The professional will assess the situation and offer the best solution. 

4. When the Garage Door Won't Retract

An unbalanced garage door will not retract to its usual position. Sometimes, shaking it can help the door move as expected. However, if it is still not retracting, the coiling wheels may have a problem. Although this is not a common problem, you should correct it immediately if it occurs. Otherwise, your door may refuse to close, which is not good for your security.

Your commercial roll-up garage door plays a very crucial role in enhancing security. So, if you notice it is not functioning as expected, you should call a garage door repair expert. That is the best way to ensure safety and security on your premises at all times.

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